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Umberto biography

There are multiple artists named Umberto: 1) Umberto is a one-man band, that man being Matt Hill, live collaborator / touring member of Expo '70. While Expo '70 has proven to be especially adept at channeling the heavy kosmiche bliss of prime 1970s krautrock a la Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel, Umberto is equally savvy at conjuring the dark, suspenseful soundtrack-y sounds of Goblin and the like. With, some cosmic Klaus-y krauty-ness thrown in as well. 2) Umberto is Gina Pensiero's solo project. Umberto's lineup is ever-shifting based on geographical location. Songs range from heartwrenching testimonial singer-songwriterish anthems to smart and snappy power pop tunes; from off-the-cuff odes to npr personalities and rants against hipsterism to hip hop covers. Always original, the music finds roots in indie rock, riot-girl, rock and roll and folk. Inspired by the "cultural cannibalism" manifesto of tropicalia, the finished project is always fusing eclectic influences with stark originality and taking new and unexpected turns.

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