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Umbra biography

The name Umbra constitutes multiple musical projects as the name has become quite common. 1 - Umbra is a german metal band from the Ruhr-Area (Website: 2 - Ümbra is an experimental electronic future beats trio from Brisbane, Australia Their sounds can be heard at 3 - Umbra is a four-piece romanian rock band from Piatra Neamț. The name of the project is translated to The Shadow. The members of the group are: Costin Simion - Main guitar Ștefan Baghiu - Voice and guitar Andrei Chirilă - Drums Cătălin Tabacu (Busu) - Bass 4 - Umbra is a dark ambient project from Tempe, Arizona (Website: -This project has one official, self-titled release, on the Yith Recordings label. It can be heard at 5 - Umbra was a dark ambient project from Cincinnati, Ohio. One self-titled CD was released via in 2001. 6 - Umbra was a polish dark ambient project, founded by eLL in 1998. Under this name they have released one album "Ater" in 1999. In the same year they have changed the name to Sui Generis Umbra. 7 - Umbra is a dark ambient/noise project from New South Wales, Australia (Website: 8 - Umbra is an indie pop band from Helsinki, Finland. (Website: MySpace: 9 - umbra is a post-rock/j-rock band from Japan.

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