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Umbrella biography

There are at least five bands/artists by the name of Umbrella. 1) Umbrella (Myspace) was a fast and chaotic grindcore band from the Providence, Rhode Island featuring Jon Syverson, the drummer from As the Sun Sets and Daughters. They released two splits: one with Every Kid Loves a Clown and another with Gigantic Brain. They also have a demo called "The Misadventures of Male Figure Skating". 2) Umbrella was a christian band from Norway with three girls playing Ramones-style pop/punk/rock Marianne Medby - bass / vocals Henriette Akerholdt - drums Hilma Nicolaisen - guitar / vocals They released one album called Highway To Helsinki through Christiania Rock Records and also appeared on few compilations. 3) Umbrella (also known as 餡舞), is a doujin artist who creates hardcore techno, both composing original works and arranging video game music. His album debut was on the huge Touhou compilation 花詠束 -hanataba- from the circle Unionest.NET, with the track Wired Flower. umbrella has also appeared on two albums from the circle HARDCORE TANO*C. 4) Former Local Arizona group 480 indie rock. 5) Umbrella, the unique band from Kansai (Japan) with Yui (ex-LOKI) at its center. They released album called "Amayadori" in 2011. 6) umbrella ( visual kei ) official site :

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