Umc top 20 songs


Umc biography

UMC stands for Ultimate Music Covers. Two metalheads on a missionary mission for their beloved genre. Since 2014 drummer Tobias Derer and producer Nils Lesser on guitar show their fellowship how nowadays top 10 hits should sound like! By reworking any kind of radio hit from Avicii to Pit Bull and Britney Spears they grew their audience within weeks into a massive YouTube fellowship and started a movement. Millions of views and ten thousands of subscribers show their support. Always with a wink they don’t take themselves too serious but still don’t miss to impress with their musical skills. Nils Lesser (born in 1991) guitarist and sound producer of UMC, started playing the guitar when he was 10 years old. Tobias Derer (born in 1990) drummer and video producer of UMC, started to realise his dream of becoming a professional musician at the early age of six.

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