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Unheilig (German for "Unholy") is a German band that features a variety of influences including various pop and electronic styles as well as harder, nihilistic hard rock. In 1999, together with Grant Stevens and José Alvarez-Brill (also of Wolfsheim, Joachim Witt, and De/Vision), the foundation for Unheilig came into being from a dark vision of singer Der Graf (born Bernd Heinrich Graf). Their songs have fused heavy guitars, dancable beats, and infectious synth-driven melodies with Der Graf's brooding croon and have met with considerable success. The band principally consists of Der Graf ("The Count") along with various musical partners. He has been accompanied for live shows with musicians Christoph "Licky" Termühlen, Henning Verlage, and Martin "Potti" Potthoff. The group's debut, 'Phosphor', came out in 2001. Their fans believe that their eclectic style features a very appealing combination of sounds, unlike a lot of bands that play a similar mix of elements, while also giving a nice depth of atmosphere. As well, Unheilg are stylistically connected to the 'dark culture' that has arisen among many of the youth. Discography Albums 2001: Phosphor (Phosphorous) 2002: Frohes Fest (Merry Festival) 2003: Das 2. Gebot (The 2nd Order) 2004: Zelluloid (Celluloid) 2005: Gastspiel (Live-Doppel-CD) (Guestplay) 2006: Moderne Zeiten (Modern Times) 2006: Goldene Zeiten (Live-Doppel-CD) (Golden Times) 2008: Puppenspiel (Puppetplay) 2008: Puppenspiel Live - Vorhang Auf! (Live Puppetplay - Curtains On) 2008: Schattenspiel (Puppenspieler Tour Only) (Shadowplay) 2010: Fruhe Werke & Rohe Entwurfe (Early Work & Rough Designs) 2010: Große Freiheit (Large Freedom) 2010: Große Freiheit Live (Large Freedom) 2010: Große Freiheit Winter Edition (Large Freedom) 2010: Zeitreise (Time Travel) 2011: Heimreise (Home Travel) 2012: Lichter der Stadt (City Lights) 2012: Lichtblicke (Light View) 2012: Lichter der Stadt Live (City Lights) 2012: Lichter der Stadt Winter Edition (City Lights) 2014: Alles hat seine Zeit ( All Has Its Time) 2014: Gipfelstürmer (Summit Striker) Maxi singles 2001: Sage Ja! (Say Yes!) 2001: Komm zu mir! (Come to Me) 2003: Maschine 2006: Ich will leben (I want to Live) 2010: Für immer (Forever) 2010: Geboren um zu Leben (Born to Live) 2010: Unter deine Flagge (Under Your Wings) 2012: So wie du warst (As You Were) 2012: Wie wir waren (How We Were) 2012: Lichter der Stadt (City Lights) 2012: Sonne (Sun) 2012: Stark (Strong) 2014: Als wär's das erste Mal (Like It Was The First Time) 2014: Wir sind alle wie eins (We Are All Like One) EPs 2003: Schutzengel (Guardian Angel) 2004: Freiheit (Freedom) 2006: Astronaut 2008: An Deiner Seite (At Your Side) 2008: Spiegelbild (Mirror Image) DVDs 2005: Kopfkino (Head Cinema) 2008: Vorhang Auf (Curtains Up) 2009: Sternstunden (Startime) 2010: Grosse Freiheit Live 2011: Heimreise 2012: Lichter der Stadt Live Official Website: http://www.unheilig.com/

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