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1. UnlimiteD, a Vietnamese metal band. They released the album Tái Sinh in 2007 and UnlimiteD Symphony CD+DVD concert in 2009. http://unlimitedsymphony.com 2. UnLimited, a 4 person Japanese rock band from Hokkaido, Japan, with an average age of 18 (as of 2009). They formed in 2007 under their current name and released their first single 'Opening' independently. In 2008, they continued touring and got a number of awards, one being the No. 1 Indies Artist in the Hokkaido area. In 2009, under BUDDY RECORDS they re-released their single 'Opening' for ¥100 exclusively through Tower Records in March. In April they released their mini-album 'UnLimited' country-wide. During this time they did 3-4 live performances and made appearences on TV, radio and in newspapers and magazines. Summarized from UnLimited | エキサイト・ミュージックモール Official Site http://unlimi.jp Discography (for Japanese UnLimited): 'UnLimited' - Mini Album, released 2009.4.15 ¥1,500, DLCR-09041 3. unlimited, an italian Rock Band, Unlimited started their existence in 2006 in Alessandria, Piedmont. Their music is a mix of good rock, grunge and much more.

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