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Up Dharma Down is a band from the Philippines. They have been together since 2004. The group incorporates influences from rock, trip-hop, electronica and post-rock to create a sound which stands out in the local scene. The band got the name from the word Dharma. In whatever case, it is a law that connects everything in existence no matter how diverse they are. This is how the band explains their music, having rather dissimilar musical influences that results into a dynamic sound that still meets halfway as it appeals to a certain group of listeners almost everywhere. Up Dharma Down is composed of Armi Millare on keyboards, vocals and rhythm guitars, Carlos Tanada on lead guitars, Ean Mayor on drums and Paul Yap on bass. The band has won various awards since 2005 - and most recently they won Vocalist of the Year, Album of the year and Artist of the year at the 2009 NU Rock Awards. Visit them at http://updharmadown.net and http://www.myspace.com/updharmadown.

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