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Up to date The band set up in 2001 during the jazz courses in Chodziez. The stuff is: Adam Baldych - viol., Rafal Stepien - keyb., Jakub Cywinski - b., Bartek Rojek / Mirek Hady - dr. The youngest, Adam is 21, the others are not so much older. The group plays jazz-fusion music with funky elements. It is very energetic mixture of every musician’s interests. They managed to gain many important awards on jazz festivals in Poland but also abroad, for instance: 2nd place and an individual prize (for Adam Baldych) on Jazz Juniors Festival/Crakow 2001, 1st prize and the individual prizes (for Adam Baldych and Jakub Cywinski) on Sax Club Festival in Gdynia 2002, The Key for Career on Pomorska Jesien Jazzowa, Gorzow 2002, 1st prize on Rura Live, Wroclaw 2005, Grand Prix and an individual prize (for Adam Baldych) on Jazz nad Odra, Wroclaw 2006. The Band have recorded two CDs since we are a band: “Hotel Nadmorski” 2002 and “Imagination” 2004, “Rura live” is available to download for fans in www.adambaldych.com website. Up to date performances in the clubs in country and abroad.

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