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There are two artists with this name. 1) Urban Voodoo was a short-lived industrial rock band, consisting of vocalist "Kami" (Kamary Phillips) and guitarist/bassist "Burn" (Bernhard Locker); musical border crossers who were constantly searching for the next millenium's sounds. On that mission they developed their own style, a mix of industrial noises, ethnic sounds and hip hop grooves. The duo released the album Elegant Friction, as well as the single The Chartist's Soul in 1997 on the German record label Marlboro Music. That same year the band received wide exposure and increased interest from the inclusion of their track "Brutality" on the official soundtrack for the film Mortal Kombat Annihilation. However the band silently disbanded shortly after and in 1999, Locker performed guest guitarwork on Hednoize's debut album, on the song Army of One. Since the demise of Urban Voodoo in the late 90s, Phillips has continued with a solo career whilst Locker has continued work with Hednoize frontman Brent Daniels, performing both guitar and remix-work on Daniels' title-track solo single written for the soundtrack to the film, A Lonely Place For Dying. 2) Urban Voodoo is also one of the many monikers of the techno/trance artist and producer, Fred Baker (born Frédéric De Backer) whose most widely known release is the dance single, Humanity.

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