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Urbana biography

Legião Urbana was a Brazilian rock band from Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil. Fronted by lead singer and lyricist Renato Russo, Legião Urbana was founded in 1983 and existed until 1996, when Renato passed away. Besides the vocals, Renato was an occasional guitar, bass and keyboards player. He also wrote most of the band's songs. In 13 years of career, they recorded 13 albums, one for each year. Legião Urbana is probably one of the most famous Brazilian rock bands, especially known for Renato's lyrics, which are usually about love, spiritualism, politics, family, sex and drugs, but more than it, are rather poetical. In their 13 albums there are few musics that are not well composed and with poetical lyrics, principally in their last albums "A Tempestade" and "Uma Outra Estação" that were recorded some months before Renato Russo dies from AIDS. Nowadays, Dado Villa-Lobos (ex-guitar player of Legião Urbana) has a solo career and has recorded his first album, named "Jardim De Cactus", in 2005. Drums player Marcelo Bonfá also tried a solo career.

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