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Urker biography

URKER is a Kazakh pop folk group that first appeared to professional scene of Kazakhstan in 1993 with its debut performance at one of Almaty Rock Clubs. Since then the group became one of the country's best known and best loved pop folk bands recognized apart from the population of Kazakhstan that is signing the URKER's songs but also by Kazakhstan National Music Channel A - 1 as a Group Of The Year 2002. The idea to create a band that would associate in its music with both Kazakh national traditions and pop music introducing some of traditional Kazakh instruments came ten years ago to the composer and singer Aidos Sagat and nobody can imagine at that time that the URKER's songs would became fantastically popular in Kazakhstan. Between 1993 and 1997 the URKER toured across the Republic of Kazakhstan and recorded songs written by Aidos and resulted by their first album ANSARYM that was introduced in January 1997. The songs ANSARYM, AN MEKEN became national hits. In 1998 the URKER introduced their second album TOI BASTAR. The song NAURYZ immediately became incredibly popular all over the Kazakhstan and still is a national hit. March 1999 the URKER successfully participated at the International Pop-Music Festival in Turkey, Izmir. In 1999 the song MAKHABBAT ANY (Love Song) was recognized as the Song of the Year and the video was rotated at MTV Russia. The album introduced by the URKER in the year 2001 that had the same name URKER was awarded the GOLD DISC (Kazakhstani Music Award) for NAURYZ song nominated as the Best Song for the Past 10 Years and the song ZHANYM reached number 1 in the Kazakhstani Charts. The last album of URKER has the name MADE IN KAZAKHSTAN and was released in November 2002. Kazakh traditional melodies and songs inspired this album among all the others. The sound of DOMBYRA and KOBYZ, the two strings Kazakh national instruments are giving additional color to the full range of music introduced by this album.

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