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At least 7 bands are using the name "Ursa Major": 1) Ursa Major is collective of musicians and songwriters currently based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2008 as a home recording project between high school friends Jim Price and Ben Collier. Their early bluegrass sound has morphed slowly into a melting pot of folk rock, soul music, and contemporary sounds. 2) Ursa Major was a hard-rocking band that released one collectible album and may have been as well-known for its players as the music they made. The group’s one and only album "Ursa Major" was issued in 1972. Two singles were pulled from the release: "Liberty and Justice" and "Let The Music Play", both in 1972.[From the booklet of the CD Ursa Major written by Mark Marymont] 3) Ursa Major are a UK Post-Hardcore band based in the South of England, delivering frightening vocals, chugging riffs, precise melodies, and powerful duel of bass and double pedals. Featured as Kerrang! Local Heroes in 2010 Ursa Major return with a energetic EP "The Making Of Us" matched with a substantial online presence, the band look fit to explode in the coming months. 4) Ursa Major is a 6-piece St. Louis based post-hardcore outfit with jazz and hip-hop influences. Facebook | Bandcamp 5) Ursa Major is an Australian Jam band. 6) Ursa Major is an American ambient/post-rock project. 7) Ursa Major was a short-lived hard rock/progressive rock band formed by Dick Wagner with former Amboy Dukes bassist Greg Arama and released one self-titled album.

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