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There seem to be at least four different artists sharing this page: an Estonian alternative rock band, a Spanish folk-jazz-electronica outfit, and an Ambient band and a the Folk Noir, folk punk band, all called Ursula: 1) Ursula, an Estonian alternative rock band, were formed in September 2003 in Tallinn, Estonia. They consist of Omar Nõmm (vocals, guitar), Andrei Ozdoba (drums), Mihkel Masso (guitar), Karl-Gunnar Isand (bass) and Johannes Naan (vocals). Their success began in the year 2004, after winning an Estonian band competition "Noortebänd 2004". Their witty, yet completely honest lyrics, catchy melodies and light conditions of mood recognised in their work is the main reason why people buy their music. The band released its debut album "Annamemenõu" ("A Little Bit of Advice from Us") in 2005. Their songs are well-known among the youth in Estonia and have also appeared on a number of TV commercials, making them even more popular. They are one of the most successful Estonian bands in last years' time. ------------------------------------------------ 2) Ursula are from Cadiz, Spain. and comprise David Cordero (vocals, guitar, programming, sampler, melodia, accordion), Cristo Ramírez (bass, guitar, vocals), Raúl Raja (guitar, melodica, programming) and Ben Montoya (slide, piano, guitar, keyboard, harmonica). They sound similar to John Coltrane, Hood, Arab Strap, Migala and Matt Elliot. Homepage: http://www.ambulatore.com/ursula ------------------------------------------------ 3) Ursula is also the new name of a russian one-man band formerly known as "Shelled Psychedelic Orchestra" (Shelled). Their style is along the lines of folktronic, FSOL, ambient, electronic music. Their first CD release it was issued in far 1998 on independent label Falcata-Galia Records, from USA. They are currently releasing on the Pulsations for You netlabel ( http://www.pulsations-for-you.ru/ ). ------------------------------------------------ 4) Ursula is an accordion/ banjo duo from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Ursula (Nathan and Lara) have toured Canada twice since 2007, lighting up coffee houses, bars, punk house basements and kitchens, tunnels, community and pirate radio stations, back yards, anarchist info shops, theaters & bookshops. (http://ursulafolknoir.bandcamp.com/)

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