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Us5 biography

US5, the American/British group from Pop Mogul Lou Pearlman,(the same producer of Backstreet Boys, Nsync, O- Town, and more...) was formed from the hit TV reality show Big in America.They are Izzy Gallegos (USA), Jay Khan (GB), Richie Stringini (USA), Cayce Clayton (USA) & Jayson Pena (USA). They hit No. 1 on the German Billboard Charts with their debut single Maria and received the German Radio Music Award for Best Newcomer 2005. This is the ultimate boy band says Pearlman, proud of his musical empire Trans Continental Records. He has explained, As long as God keeps making little girls, there will always be boy bands. His portfolio reads like the Whos Who of international pop success with names such as the Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, LFO and O-Town, just to name a few. Pearlman and his acts have sold over 65 million albums and with the addition of US5 to the roster, millions more will be added. Former Members: 2005–2007: Michael “Mikel” Johnson 2005–2008: Christoph “Chris” Watrin 2007-2009: Vincent “Vince” Tomas

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