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Bobby Bass Ewing and Rapper G from Big D, Texas are the "USA Kings", a fictional 1990s electronic super group created in 2007 in Budapest, Hungary. They have played shows all over Europe, including a set at the world famous Glastonbury Festival 2009 in England along with Shitmat, Duran Duran Duran, DJ Scotch Egg and other well established breakcore / gabber acts. The USA Kings can arguably be credited with creating the emerging sub genre of breakcore / mash-up known as dancecore, in which (predominantly but not always) 90s eurodance tracks are sped up to between 200-300bpm and mixed with heavy gabber kicks, precisely arranged breakcore style breakbeats and various elements of other extreme genres. To date the band have net-released a five track EP, a split (with Scottish dancecore band Annoying Ringtone) and have numerous compilations appearances available as free mp3 downloads on their myspace page:

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