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Breakcore duo Daniel Hickman and Ross Motley grew up in the Cambridge and Bishop's Stortford ghettos. Inspired by the hardship of middle class life and post university blues they started producing together around 2004. Since then they have had a number of releases and live performances of ever increasing quality and success Releases: The independentf fallacy (Bad Sekta 2009) Only Insert if you get a definite yes (Bitcrusher 2008) I can't believe I used to like those guys (Bitcrusher 2007) Distortion is a good substitute for talent (self release/demo 2005) Appear on: We are legion (Bad Sekta 2009) Pixelation (Bitcrusher 2009) Cant'face Records compilation (2009) See or Electric thunder dug deep from the flesh pits on green granite hillsides, rumbling through sensual melodies and swirling you through other earthly memories, crashing in torrents that rip through your mind and hammer into your behind - the humans have landed...

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