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Useless biography

There are several bands under the name Useless. 1) Useless is a punk band from the Pine Hill/Berlin area of NJ. Formed in 2001, the band played energetic shows including a set at the Warped Tour in Philadelphia. All in all, Useless released 2 EP's (Useless and Rightfully Accused) along with 2 LP's (Good For One Thing and Ride Out The Storm). In 2007, the band decided to change their sound to a more aggressive sound and renamed themselves No Risk, which is what they play as today. 2) Useless is a melodic hardcore punk band from Labin, Croatia. Useless was formed in summer 2004, when we decided to play more seriously (before that everything was just a joke). All that begins when we started to play in Lamparna where we had better equipment. In May 2005 Useless were "on hold" till October because of the problems betwean band members. Finally in October we solved all our problems and started to play again, but more often and better. We're looking forward to play! See you! ;) 3) Useless is an alternative-rock band from Brno, Czech Republic formed in 2007. 4) Useless is a Norwegian skate-punk, hardcore band from Oslo, Norway. Active years in the 90´s and early 2000. They had several gigs, including Blitz and John Dee, Oslo.

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