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As the seven multifarious shades of Priyanka Chopra's character made their domineering presence in garishly loud 'Darling', it was labeled as inspired version of 'Kalinka' (Russian army marching choir song) in almost every media circuits. This flamboyantly promoted soundtrack was infectious in its catchiness, peculiarly voluble in grumbling tones, innovative in orchestral display that made itself notable, thanks to bold experimentation by composer Vishal Bharadwaj. It welcomes the arrival of Bollywood's first pop diva Usha Uthup back in marquee who croons 'Darrrrling' with immense pace to set tempo for ostentatiously festive number. Rekha Bharadwaj leads this 'Russian' flavored choral floor dancing number to perfection in her boisterous tones, nurtured optimally with all pompous sounds and rhythms to befit the mood. Bharadwaj's aesthetics in mixing and matching all 'military-drill' instrumental elements adds pulsating groove to the decorum and makes it a predictable chartbuster in days to come.

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