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Usual Suspects was a group of three people, Carl Hovland, Lawrence Hughes and Chris Lavin which produced drum and bass music. The Usual Suspects formed in 1998 and started releasing material in 1998 on the label Renegade Hardware. Carl and Keaton(Lawrence Hughes) met while studying Sound Engineering in Kingston, London, while Chris was already a rising DJ and a face on the local scene. Their most successful piece of music was Killa Bees, which sold over 14,000 copies. This success led to them DJ’ing all over the world and releasing tunes on Metalheadz, 31 Records, and Timeless amongst others. Other important tracks made by them were Spawn, Hole Punch, Shrapnel, Sawn Off with Fierce, and Ja Bless. The Usual Suspects have sort of dissolved, continuing to produce music together up to at least 2003. Keaton moved towards a more solo-oriented career, and Carl teamed up with Klaus Heavyweight H. to form 2 Sinners, and later released breakbeat music on his own as One Sinner. Chris has continued to DJ under the Usual Suspects moniker. Chris and Carl have done a number of tracks and remixes in recent times.

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