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The idea of creating this kind of formation came in 2004. For that moment the project represented a creative experiment of one participant ([PEST] - music and programming). Continuing measured movement, music of the project began to get the sound of classical Techno-Industrial. At the end of 2005, when [SinIQ_MXN] (vocals) came and added some lyrical part to the already existed music, the band has defined its constant (at present time) formation and began the process of joint creativity. Tandem of two musicians chose a temporarily band-name PsyCock, with which the new born band did their live performance debut on June, 9th, 2006 at a stage of Moscow club "Archeology". After having a number of further live performances at the different stages PsyCock proved to be a "Russian Hocico", and gradually consolidated their positions on a capital dark stage. In the spring of 2007, proceeding from ideological reasons, the band PsyCock decided to change their name to Uterus Insected. In present time Uterus Insected is a machine producing a rigid and aggressive electronic music (Aggrotech) with expressive distorted vocals.

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