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http://soundcloud.com/utku-s Utku S. is a talented producer and sound designer who has been following his passion for music and honing his talents for almost ten years. His sound is an energetic and high-octane blend of Electro House that creates an intense uplifting energy. He delivers a devastating electro number with broken beats and distorted guitar riffs. As a producer, Utku knows very well what people want to hear, how innovative sound works and how to present his productions the best way. This year his remixes have been played by some of the biggest dance DJs from the radio to the clubs. He has a unique and highly addictive sound. He recently hooked up with Loopmasters to produce a stunning Electro House sample pack a huge collection of Twisted Synths, Arpeggiated Guitars, Glitched Hits, Side Chained Basses and Huge Beats which will no doubt be featured in countless future dance floor classics. Hi Utku S. ! Can you please tell I readers a little bit about yourself and your background in the industry? I was born in Istanbul, Turkey. I worked as a professional bass guitarist until 2001. Then, I shifted to the electronic music world as a producer as well as a DJ especially performed in international events. I have already released over 200 tracks on well-known labels like Lot49, Plasmapool, Bugeyed Records and Big Fish Recordings. Since 2006, I have been running 3 labels; Ventuno Recordings, Plasticage Records and Tapestop Music. Recently, I turned my attention to sample production and now I'm exclusively working for Loopmasters You’ve been working in sound design for over 10 years, what aspects interest you the most? My initial aim was to create the samples/loops to use them while producing my own tracks. However, I decided to release them in an effort to inspire other music producers which I believe is the most interesting aspect for me. What’s aspects do you find the hardest? Creating a unique sound in each and every sample pack is the hardest aspect. What is it about electro that does it for you? Love the fat sounding bass lines, side-chained synth/chords of electro. What elements do think makes for a high quality production? The base of the high quality production of a track composes of an attractive arrangement, which makes the song flow. Mixing well and taking a professional approach to mastering is for sure to get the right sound. How do you start a track? Is there any real method to the way you work? I start with the kick drum, and I add the bass to create lock groove. My real method is to first complete the main verse of the track in-line with the main break-down & build-up and then continue with remaining verses in addition to intro and outro. You’ve recently compiled a few sample packs for Loopmasters, how did this come about? I knew that Loopmasters is a well-known sample pack company where I could have found the chance to reach large group of producers via releasing my packs for them. They appreciated my sample packs and our relation began. What else have you got coming up in 2011? There are couple of packs on the way to be released from Loopmasters; Dutch House, Discoteca, JustPunk (sounds like French disco i.e. Justice Duft Punk etc.). In addition, French Electro Mixtools Vol.2 will be released soon. Other than these, for sure new remixes, and rocking originals will come up. Keep following me :)

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