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Utter biography

Influenced by outstanding bands from Sigur Ros, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, to U2, Pink Floyd and Radiohead, they decided to call themselves “Utter” and started working on their first album. The word «utter», which means “total, complete, infinite and extreme”, embodies their aspiration to deliver an incomparable music experience to their fans through their original songs and unique sounds. In 2007, two of their singles hit for the first time one of the most followed radio station in Portugal, called “Radio Comercial”, on the program “As horas” (which means “the Hours”), presented by António Sérgio. In 2008, they had already self-produced their first album called “Utter”, distributed nationally by the company Compact Records. Their first album gained momentum throughout the country, which got them to be invited to the radio station “Radar FM” in Lisbon, on the program “Viriato 25”, to present their newly released album, also available at the FNAC stores in Lisbon. Their first national tour, called “Redemption Tour”, had them travel all over the country, but was cut short by the unexpected resignation of their lead singer Jonnas. But this didn’t stop the rest of the band, which thrived even further to achieve their next big hit. In June 2009, the five final members, Giliano, Zezén, Humberto, André and João started the production of their second album, finally completed in april of 2010. The album has been mixed at the QM Studioaudio in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal) by the musician and producer João Ferraz, (member of the band BAN) but the last process of audio mastering is missing.

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