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IN THOSE formative moments, names and reputations are built at the drop of a plectrum. Choosing a name is not easy, so how can you sum up hours of ideas, days of invention in a few simple tongue-tingling syllables? UV PØP, now that’s a good one. Ultra Violent Pop. A contradiction in terms, maybe, a bright hopeful collective, perhaps. Whatever it sounds like, it’s got to be a blow in the right position, a carefully aimed assault on the senses. It could have been such a con - often what looks convincing on paper falls uncomfortably flat when put into practice. But in this case, it’s not. Far from it. The man at the centre of this slim-line combo is John K White. Another Sheffield boy, lean in stature, garbed in black suit with a wry smile on his face. He speaks in a warm Northern brogue and admits all immediately. He is UV PØP, accept no substitutes, there is no other. “It’s been going for about two and a bit years now. I was in a trio called the I Scream Brothers where I did the music and the other two sang, but it never really got off the ground”. Seems the main problem for the cutely named combo was the (other) two thirds’ reluctance to do anything other than the absolute minimum. “They were quite keen to get their names in the paper and do gigs but they wouldn’t do anything else. We hardly ever rehearsed, so I ended up playing along to the backing tapes and singing just to get in some practice. I sang along too and with a bit of encouragement, here and there, decided to start UV PØP as an offshoot.”

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