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According to their own bio, Ultra Violet Radiation is a band that considers themselves an emo / (bubble gum) punk band. Their style varies per album/track. The band was formed back in 1995 and consisted of Christopher Lee Powell (lead vocals and guitar) and Justin Rio (drums and back up vocals). When they recorded Nothing in 1997 they had a friend that helped them out on bass. (I haven't heard Nothing but apparently it sounds like Nirvana.) Then in 2000 they released The New Superpimp, with a new, softer reggae/punk sound, and with new members. Chris kept to the singing and Justin to the drums and back up, Patrick Ziller became the new lead guitar and back up vocalist and Ben McCloy was the bassist and back up vocalist. The line-up stayed pretty much the same when they made Plastic World in 2001, except they got a new lead guitarist, Todd Brown who previously played for The Spectors, so Patrick moved on to rhythm guitar. The album is a reggae / bubble gum punk sound. The latest record is called Blood On The Satellite and there have been more changes in the line-up. Ben left the band due to complications and Patrick wanted to do his own thing, but he's still in Soundboy together with Justin. To replace Pat came Joel Rydeman, from the former band Pocket Full Of Posers. To replace Ben came Mo, who is the singer in the band Moodfrye. On Blood On The Satellite they claim to have a more emo / bubble gum punk sound. Since the release of Blood On The Satellite they have been touring the world (Japan and France) and gained a bigger fanbase... During fall 2005, Mo left the band and to take his place was Jeff, Joel's brother. He used to play drums in Pocketful Of Posers and now plays bass and sings second vocals. The band came to Europe once again, and now in summer 2006 they're recording their next album! They last released Silent Disaster in 2007 and haven't really been active since 2011, according to their MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/uvr

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