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V Factory is an American Pop/R&B/Urban guy group executive produced by former Pop artist Tommy Page who is now a VP of A&R for Warner Brothers Records. The members have yet to confirm what the "V" stands for. Although, there are five members to this group; and V in Roman Numerals is five. * Jared Murillo (born August 6, 1988) from Mapleton, Utah. Jared is known for his appearances as a featured dancer in High School Musical, its nationwide tour, and High School Musical 2, for which he also earned an Assistant Choreographer credit by creating the dance number for "I Don’t Dance". He was also the dance partner of Lacey Schwimmer. * Wesley Quinn (born April 2, 1986) from Bellmore, New York. He was bitten with the performing bug at age 6 after attending his younger sister’s dance recital. He was a background dancer for Ashley Tisdale with fellow member, Jared Murillo. * Asher Book (born September 18, 1988) from Arlington, Virginia. He got his big break at an open casting call for the theatrical production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He played the lead Marco in the musical film Fame (2009 film), a remake of the 1980 film of that same title. "Fame" was released in theatres worldwide on 25th Sept 09. He is the lead singer of the band. * Nick "Nicky T" Teti (born July 22, 1983) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He got his start doing musical theater in high school. Then taught himself to dance in college. He is also a member of Quest Crew, also known as America's Best Dance Crew 3's champions. * Nathaniel Flatt (born September 18 1981) from Cookeville, Tennessee. He got his acting in local plays and eventually found his way into musical theater, including the broadway version of Disney's Aladdin.

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