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V-roy biography

V-ROY (N. Van Roey) was born in 1993 at Leuven, Belgium. His musical influences are Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Arctic Quest and all the people who have to do with electronic and dance music. When V-ROY in 2001 bought a mixer and turntables he was immediatly in love with dancemusic. After a year experimenting with vinyls from big guys like Tiësto he would make dancemusic by himself. He bought his first Roland Synth in half 2003. he was impressed and later he was looking for jobs to earn money for more synths and mixers. V-ROY has finished a couple of tracks you can listen here on Myspace. In march 2008, when V-ROY is 14 years old, he signed a recorddeal with Actuate Recordings. The most of V-ROY's productions will be released on that label. Special thanks to 'Actuate Recordings' !

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