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V-zilla biography

There is no other way to describe "V-Zilla" except to say that he's a MONSTER. With 3 full-length underground releases under his belt, Overseas tours and an impressive list of show openers ranging from Atmosphere to Xzibit, this H-Town native is on course to finally break through the surface with his forthcoming release entitled "Interview With A Monster" and gain some much needed recognition from the City of Syrup. For years ZILLA has creeped just below the radar due to his fused style of East Coast lyricism and only a pinch of Dirty South seasoning. The game is definitely about to change though, and while other high profile H-Town acts are reaping the benefits of their hard work, hustle and the nations infatuation with the Dirty South, ZILLA is setting himself up to represent the new crop of Talented MC's just waiting for their turn in the spotlight. This self proclaimed "Unknown Veteran" is a product of the Old School, where songs still had a message and THE MC knew how to rock the crowd. "Everybody's a Rapper Now, Didn't You Know", ZILLA fumes on one his recent tracks entitled "That's That Boy" which is a knock to the over saturation of those wanting to be the next great "So and So" but don't have the tools to complete the job. That very observation is his motivation. "The motivation to succeed when nobody in the world is giving you a shot, that's my drive" Zilla was quoted as saying, "Not to mention a gang-load of folks that approach me, compliment me and tell me time after time that i'm gon' make it, you gonna make it Zilla". I feel like I have to win for them now too and that's deep. Yes it is and in the years since the Northside Native went from the High School Drop out to the Next Great Something, he has been inching closer and closer to achieving the once impossible dream. Thousands of Units later, Numerous cities rocked worldwide and a newly created Clothing line: "ZILLA WEAR 75" I'd say ZILLA is definitely close to kicking down the doors that once closed in his face.

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