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There appears to at least three artists that use the name Vacation: 1) VACATION is an noisy poppy punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio. Their discography includes a self-release, the “Do Shit Tape” (which was also released on CD as “The Do Shit Disc” on Moonquake Records, re-release on cassette by Dead Broke Rekerds), “Dream Dad”, a four song 7” on Let’s Pretend Records and Sidejar Records, “Dangerous Interesections VII” comp 7” on Traffic Street Records, as well as their most recent self-titled LP on Let’s Pretend and Mandible Records. VACATION has done extensive touring within their first couple years solo and alongside the likes of Japanther, The Unstoppable Death Machines, New Creases, Two Hand Fools, The Wild, Pedals on our Pirate Ships, and the Dopamines. you can download their new album for free at 2)Vacation is a lo-fi folk pop duo from New York, led by Wayne Memmer and Rachel Asher. They have released a number of free to download EPs over the course of 2011, including Locust Lane, Neutral Acid King, and Tiny Bones and Wires. A covers album will be released in late 2011, and a full-length album coming in early 2012. More information on the band can be found here: 3) Vacation is a DJ from Seattle formally known as Deathsquad. He is known in Seattle's DIY community. While he was in high school he used to DJ at dances.

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