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It was back in the early ‘90s that Daniel Roeth began spinning vinyls and playing acid trance & hard techno at underground parties in Moscow night clubs as a DJ. In 1993 he temporarily stopped DJ-career to build "IntroSpect. Porta Tracks" studio, where he continues working until present. For a long time William Grey (since 1989) was programming samplers, computers and has produced several demo-scene works as the 8-bit sound designer (Commodore-64, Atari XE, PC). Studio-producer / sound-designer / musical critic. His creations unreserved by the boundaries of any one style, he is known as a multiformat specialist. In autumn of ‘05 he launched a Paranorma project, which is closely related to his scientific medical activity in Moscow. At this moment William Grey is manager and executive producer of “IntroSpect. Porta Tracks". It was 1993 when Daniel and William Grey met and began working together. They launched three independent projects: Vacuum Stalkers for progressive, tech sound compositions. Koan was responsible for ethnic lounge, ambient, cinematographic and documentary scores. And Fatum Sci-Fi for electronic experimental collages / landscapes. Vacuum Stalkers stuff based on progressive symbiosis of contemporary scientific and technical ideas inspired by audio-visual technologies, science-fiction elements and cyberpunk culture. Now Vacuum Stalkers are Russian residents of Synergetic Records (Austria),PsyBooty Records (USA), Iboga Records (Denmark), Zenon Records (Australia), Cosmic Conspiracy Records (New Zealand) also are widely known outside Russia. Vacuum Stalkers - Sci-Fi Animation album: Austrian Synergetic Records label and Moscow based Vacuum Stalkers duo (Koan / Fatum Sci-Fi) signed an agreement to release debut 'Sci-Fi Animation' album. Released is based upon science-fiction aesthetics of French animator and film director Rene Laloux ('Time Masters','Fantastic Planet', 'Gandahar: Light Years'), American screenadaptation of Strugatsky Brothers 'Stalker' and cyberpunk features of Japanese animators Hiroyuki Imaishi and Shinji Aramaki ('Dead Leaves'and 'Appurushido'). Sci-Fi Animation is a genre fusion of contemporarydance and full-prog trance sounds. Skillful combination of different sample based elements, pulsing and mutating bass lines, interweaving main themes and sound that is both dense and crystal-clear make the release intense and varied. Coming Soon: Iron Man - (ZENON RECORDS)

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