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Vad Fruttik is a Hungarian alternative/ pop/rock group from Veszprém, Hungary. Founded in 2005, they had roots in post-grounge and dance music, from that they evolved their own style noted above. In 2005, after being played on Radio Café they gained a certain popularity in the alternative mainstream. Their first LP came out in 2006, called Rózsikámnak digitálisan at Mama records. After this they played at several big hungarian festivals, such as Sziget, VOLT, Hegyalja, EFOTT and Balatone. Their Second album Egy éjszaka Bohémiában (One night in Bohemia) came out in the november of 2008 and singles such like "Kemikáliák", "Kicsit lassabb" became popular amongst fans. In 2010, after another change in band members, they released their third album Fénystopposok that got its influences from industrial music but at the same time the band hasn't lost their unique sound that they had on the previous records. Members are: Győrffy Gyula - synth Hock Attila - drums Hock Zoltán - bass Kerekes Gergely - solo Likó Marcell - vocals

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