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There are multiple artists named Vagabond. 0) Progressive Metal/Rock band formed in 1994 in Norway featuring the then-unknown Jørn Lande on vocals. Two releases before they broke up: Vagabond (1994), Huge Fan of Life (1996). 1) English band with roots in Uruguay, Denmark, East London and Huddersfield, Vagabond Official stand for soulful, bluesy pop unlike anything else around. 2) Vagabond is an norwegian retro-/hard rock band starring Ronnie LeTekrø of TNT-fame, and vocalist Jørn Lande, subsequently in ARK and Masterplan. 3) Vagabond is an Hardcore DJ misspelled and should refer to V.A.G.A.B.O.N.D Fix your tags! 4) Vagabond is a one-man band from Austria. 5) "Vagabond from R.o.D." is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Rostov-on-Don, Russia, consisting of Igor Hatch (guitar, vocals), Val Kramar (guitar), Simon Danilov (bass) and Andy Bohm (drums). They were founded in 1994. 6) Japanese sound crator Takashi Okada a.k.a Vagabond c.p.a.. 7) A brand new dancehall band from Norway. Founded 2009 in Løten near Hamar. Tommy Michaelsen - Vocal/Drums Lars Espen Skogvold - Vocal/guitar Hans Olav Trøen - Bass /Chorus Per Erik Gjedtjernet - Keyboard /Chorus 8) A metal band from germany. Founded 2007 in Meiningen. First album "Ignition" released in 2010. Homepage: Werner - vocal/guitar Raaalf - guitar Topper - drums Marco - Bass 9) One-man band from Lithuania. 10) Vagabond is a Dutch rock band formed in 2013 in Utrecht. The band consists of Joël Kopp (lead vocals), Floris-Jan van der Woude (rhythm/lead guitar, backing vocals), Stan Marks (rhythm/lead guitar), Dennis Jongeling (bass guitar) and Stef Spitse (drums). Vagabond guarantees an evening of screaming guitars and whiskey soaked vocals. Facebook:

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