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Vai - Sex & Religion Sex & Religion is a Steve Vai album presented under the name of simply "Vai" and before then "Light Without Heat" but had to be changed due to copyright issues to the original name. It features Strapping Young Lad and The Devin Townsend Band vocalist and guitarist Devin Townsend on vocals before he started either one of his own bands. Townsend also co-wrote the track "Pig", as well as "Just Cartilage" which was left off the final album. Steve also worked with Desmond Child on the track "In My Dreams with You". For this album, Steve wished to put together a band of awe-inspiring musicians, which included him, Townsend, drummer Terry Bozzio and bassist T.M.Stevens, but ended up micro-managing the writing and recording process that was supposed to be a band of equals causing much conflict during the making of the album with a "band", which ideally is a democracy and therefore a catch-22. The band that recorded the album never toured in support of it due to conflicts during the recording process; in the words of Steve Vai " the next record (after Passion and Warfare) was supposed to be so important. It turned out to be a hard record to make. There was the concept of putting this band together with all monster musicians. It worked in theory, but not in practice. I was hoping everybody could contribute their performance expertise while I sort of guided the band in the direction that I thought the music should go. They were very talented people that had definite ideas of the music they liked to play, and it all clashed dramatically. "I was not ready for a band. You see, usually the idea of a band is to get together with people who could contribute their ideas and talents in a healthy exchange. With players like Terry Bozzio, T.M. Stevens and Devin Townsend, in order to have a band there needs to be an unconditional acceptance of everybody else’s contribution. I was not ready for that kind of commitment on my part. Although it may have seemed unfair to the others, there were definite ideas on which way I wanted to go with the music. Those guys are really wonderful musicians, but they have their own personality. When I try to have a band together I'm too much of a control freak. I want things to be done too much of a certain way. I gave them some freedom, but the freedom musicians of this calibre need, I wasn't able to give. Therefore, blame it on me, this project will not come together again. After the tour for the album was finished, the band split up, and Steve toured with Townsend and several session bassists and drummers. VAI is a canadian with french origins raper.

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