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Vaka biography

There are two artists called as VAKA: 01. Karl Daniel Lidén (ex-Dozer, Greenleaf, Demon Cleaner). Co-conspirators include members of Dozer, I Are Droid / Lowrider, Come Sleep, A Swarm Of The Sun, Ghost Brigade / Sunride, Paatos / Morte Macabre / Landberk. Debut album "Kappa Delta Phi" was released January 20th [US] / 26th [EU/Rest of the World] 2009 on Murkhouse Recordings. Besides working with VAKA, Karl Daniel Lidén works as an audio-engineer and amongst many things recently engineered and mixed the 2008 Dozer album Beyond Colossal. He is also playing the drums on the upcoming full-length album 'Zenith' by A Swarm of the Sun. 02. Russian hip-hop artist.

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