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Vale biography

1) There are countless bands that embody and thus perpetuate the image of their own locale, time, even genre—Vale is not one of them. Rebelling against the restrictions of the Orange County image, Vale plants their roots deeper: 1980’s British rock, to be exact. Do not be misled, however superficially Vale may seem to imitate 1980’s British rock, upon closer inspection the attentive listener will find a breadth of originality and style that cannot simply be labeled into one category. Vale is both original and familiar. This statement holds true for all aspects of the band. Upon first meeting, singer David Johnson and guitarist Dillon Fuller made a startling realization: not only were they both songwriters but “I'd write a riff,” says Johnson “and he would say 'I wrote that year’s ago.'” Synchronicity helped form the band but both Johnson and Fuller admit that their approach stems from the want of “songs that sound good today, would have sounded great 20 years ago and will still sound relevant years from now”. Equally, by sharing the same influences in music, bassist Brian Fritz lends an instinctive rhythm and depth that support Johnson and Fuller. Therefore, it would seem odd to have John Haddad as a drummer, would it not? Surprisingly, no. Haddad’s long track record of drumming with heavy and hardcore bands flavors Vale’s sound and thus creates a kind of dynamism unfounded in other bands of this nature. Thus, melody melds with fiery emotions and creates Vale’s signature sound. This signature sound, this originality and familiarity of Vale is not lost on other bands, critics or fans. Having the ability vacillate between genres and time, Vale has been able to play with such bands as Decca Tree, Rocco DeLuca, and Elefant while touring the West Coast with the legendary New Model Army. Critic Robert Kinsler, upon hearing the band’s second album Dislocate the Heart believed “there is enough fearlessness, beauty and winning songwriting from Vale to fuel an entire movement.” Vale’s fan base is equally diverse—spanning the West Coast through the Midwest and beyond. And with five albums under their belt including last year’s December and the more mature Air Strike, it can only be concluded that this is a band ready to achieve what they have set themselves out for: a sound and experience both inclusive and exclusive. 2) Vale is a Turkish rapper.

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