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She was born in Buenos Aires and is related to an Italian count. Lynch, whose artistic last name is of Irish or Celtic background, demonstrated interest in becoming a singer since an early age, singing and dancing for her family before she entered school. She kept her interest in singing through her childhood, and, at the age of 14, she began to take voice and stage presentation classes, among others. She decided to dedicate herself to her main passion, music. In 1976, she married her manager, Hector Cavallero. The couple had two sons, but, eventually, her marriage to Cavallero ended in divorce. During the 1980s, Lynch was a very successful singer across Latin America, becoming well known in Colombia. the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela as well as in Spain, the United States and even Japan, where she earned the international Festival de la Cancion Internacional (International Song Festival) in Tokyo during 1985. She earned the award for her hit song, Rompecabezas (Jigzaw Puzzle), which had become a charttopper in many countries. Valeria Lynch beat Latoya Jackson, who came in second place despite her brother Michael's backing towards Latoya, which he made public upon his arrival in Japan for the competition. After the decade of the 1990s arrived, Lynch began a more private life. Nevertheless, she is still popular among Argentine music fans, and keeps on doing tours around her country. Lynch has also participated in many television programs and comedies.

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