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Valerius biography

Valerius is a band from Amsterdam. The band consists of the brothers Kay and Jesse (vocals and guitar), their cousin Ivar (bass) and their best friend Greogory (drums). During highschool the band members used to hang a lot at the ''Valeriusplein'' (which on its turn is named after Adrianus Valerius) and therefore they have chosen the name Valerius for their band. Valerius became populair thanks to the music television broadcast ''TMF'' in the show ''De kweekvijver'' ("The Nursery") which helps new bands into the music business. Their debut single ''She Doesn't Know'' is the result. Ivar Kommers recently left the band and was replaced by Xander Vrienten. Jelte Tuinstra also joined the band as a keyboardist.

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