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Founded by DESDEROTH in 2002 in Styria, Austria, VALFEANOR originally started life in as MORTAR, a band that concentrated on playing either black/thrash, and releasing the “S.O.B.M.” demo in 2002, and death/thrash – releasing a 5-track demo in 2004. Whilst it may sound slightly schizophrenic to jump between genres, the real intention was to give multi-instrumentalist DESDEROTH a feel for what he really wanted to concentrate on, and to experiment with various sounds and writing styles. By the time 2005 came around, DESDEROTH had decided that his true interest lay in the direction of Black Metal; with the use of keyboards do express subtle emotions within the music. Work began on “En Ny Tid”, an album that was as much a tribute to the kind of music that Desderoth liked to listen to himself when he was younger, as it was his original take on those genres. “En Ny Tid” would be released on Switzerland’s Black Tower Productions in 2007. That same year DESDEROTH joined Austrian Black Metallers HELLSAW on bass, originally as a live session member, and then as a permanent full-time member. He has toured and played live extensively with them, as well as playing on the band’s 2009 release “Cold”. Does playing with HELLSAW affect how he thinks of VALFEANOR? According to DESDEROTH, it allows him to play a different form of Black Metal, and all goes to round out his experience and knowledge, that he can then apply to VALFEANOR. It has also brought an additional member to VALFEANOR in the shape of HELLSAW guitarist ISIUL. DESDEROTH himself, and VALFEANOR, are managed by Patricia Thomas, the UK-based band manager who works with legendary Black Metal artists such as MANIAC, NATTEFROST, VRANGSINN and bands such as CARPATHIAN FOREST, SHINING, VULTURE INDUSTRIES, SLAGMAUR and HELLSAW to mention but a few. VALFEANOR’s sophomore album “Noreia” was released on Black Tower Productions in the autumn of 2009. Work has already begun on the next album. And as to the question that everyone asks - What do the names DESDEROTH and VALFEANOR actually mean, and where do they come from? Let’s just say that they were created by DESDEROTH’s imagination, and only he truly knows what they mean. Band Website: Facebook: ReverbNation: Management: Label:

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