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Valley biography

There are Four Valley's. One is from Cary, North Carolina, and is comprised of Max Walukas, Ryan Slagle, Ian MacLellan, Matthew Kotarba, and Christina Haake. In 2007, they put out their debut album, Take Your Time Machine. The Second formed when John, Marc, Nate and Dan's friends left them after high school to persue college. In the wake they recorded four of their songs with friend and recording engineer Wes Lambert. What became of these sessions in the hot months of August 2005 was the EP 'Sounds of the Valley' (2005) The Third who formed in early 2005, were a Sydney quintet. The Valley became signed to Crusade Records in late 2005 and released A Small Misunderstanding Leads to Disaster in February 2006, and their follow up EP, Burning at the Mistake released in late 2006. The Fourth, who formed in 2014 are 5 Friends from Halle, Belgium who decided to make some music together. Their first EP Life storm's was released on Facebook on 16th of July 2014. And marks their first steps in their professional music career The Valley have toured internationally including a 3-month tour, with The Bleeders, I Killed The Prom Queen, Gyroscope, Horsell Common, Behind Crimson Eyes, Carpathian and The Hot Lies. In addition, The Valley were the supporting act to Anberlin on their 2006 Australian/New Zealand tour, and the supporting act to Underoath on their June 2007 Australian tour. dB Magazine called the electrifying experience “truly breath-taking”.[1] Following the tour, The Valley had a break to write new material and recorded Burning at the Mistake. The Valley headlined their first national tour with The Amity Affliction and appeared at Soundfest 2006 in Canberra with From Autumn to Ashes, The Bled and Parkway Drive. The Valley's EP Burning at the Mistake debuted at #12 in the Australian Singles Charts, staying in the top 20 for two weeks. The Valley recently returned home from a successful tour over in New Zealand, playing to thousands of people over the two week tour. The Valley left Crusade Records / Modern Music Sony BMG and travelled to the USA in June 2007 to showcase to some record labels, upon return to Australia in December 2007, The Valley announced that the band is no longer, and each member is going onto other things. Currently James Taylor is playing in a band in Brisbane (now recording in the US), Wayne Presley has moved on over to the US, and Sonny started his own band The Closer, who were based in Sydney, New South Wales. Ash has gone on to pursue a career in the porn industry and pursue his keen interest in 'the body beautiful' pumping iron. Sonny and Troels (ex-The Amity Affliction) recently recorded The Closer's debut record in Virginia with Grammy nominated producer Michael 'Elvis' Baskette, but got em nowhere. Sonny has also opened his own recording studio named STL in Sydney, and is currently producing the latest Angelas Dish record.

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