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VALS is an anarcho-punk band originated in Enschede in Holland. VALS was born in march 2000. Our intention is to increase awareness of the world we live in. Our lyrics are very political and address topics like animal-rights, mass-consumption and force-fed morality. We are inspired by bands like Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Conflict, Oi Polloi, Dirt, Cress, Zounds and Antisect. Our music sounds rough, unpolished, sometimes fast sometimes not so fast, but always with a lot of power and energy. In our 6 years of existence we have played loads of shows throughout Holland. Also we did 2 USA westcoast tours and multiple tours through Europe. An intercontinental European/US tour is coming up in July/August 2008. Touring is for us a great way to meet new friends and see cool places, hope to see you on the road! Releases October 2000 split demo-tape with HoeSooDan? This tape was released by ourselves and came with a 15 page booklet about the squatted (and now evicted) Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam. At that time de Kalenderpanden were facing eviction and this tape was a protest against this. Juli 2001 debut CD vrede, vrijheid, anarchie (peace, freedom and anarchy). CDr containing 15 songs. This was also released by ourselves. January 2002 Maximaal onthaal compilation CD. This compilation came out on Royal Blood records as a protest against a Dutch royal wedding and contains 25 songs of dutch punkbands (o.a. SeeinRed, Mihoen, Betercore, Shikari and Makiladoras) September 2002 3-continental split CDr. This CDr was released by the UPS (Underground Punk Support) label and contains 8 new Vals recordings. Also on this release: Crashed Out (Indonesian Mohack-Punk) & Melee (U.S. Trash) March 2003 7" EP containing 7 songs. Released on our own label VALS Records June 2006 12" Split LP with our friends P.A.W.N.S. from the USA. Released DIY. August 2008 VALS Discocraphy cd released in Brasil. November 2008 Track on the "Unity and Strength" compilation cd. Awesome comp with 31 bands on it from all over.

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