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Valvomo biography

Valvomo was born in 2004 in head of its vocalist Setä. He was tired of listening to all the music heard from the radio. In year 2005 Valvomo got together for the first time. The band has four members: Setä (vocalist), TeiSka (guitars), Ville (beats) and Markiisi (bass guitar). Valvomo reached its popularity in summer 2006 when radios began to play very summer like and happy song Mikä Kesä? (What a Summer). Which for the annoyance of some people is probably the biggest Finnish summer hit of the year 2006. Valvomo's lyrics tell mostly about social facts. Valvomo wants to arouse questions about environment, climate changes, energy etc. Valvomo plays danceable rhythm music that has impulses of ska, political manifest punk, mc5-rock and hip-hop. Valvomo's first album Heitä ensimmäinen kivi (Throw the First Stone) was released on August 16th 2006.

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