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Vama Veche was a Romanian soft rock band, founded in 1996, which was also the year of in which they recorded the song "Nu am chef azi" which became a hit in 1997 in Romania. Their first concert took place in 1996 at Lăptaria lui Enache. On March 1 1998 the band played as an opening act for the Robert Plant and Jimmy Page concert at Sala Palatului, Bucharest, in front of 10,000 people. The first album they released, in 1998, was called Nu am chef azi. The band established themselves as one of the most promising acts in Romania early on, riding on the long running success of the acclaimed Vama Veche album, released in 1999, generally considered to be their masterpiece. The next album, "Am sa ma intorc barbat", was a concept album, suggesting that the group may turn towards progressive rock. The album was received with major critical acclaim by the press as well as the romanian music scene. Their last album, called "Fericire in rate" was released in spring 2006. Because of internal conflicts within the band, in september 2006 the band separated, leaving their fans heart broken. Following the break-up, Tudor Chirila announced a new band being formed that will be called simply Vama, while most of the remaining members formed their own band, called Trupa Veche. The Band We gathered together a long time ago We said we will play the music we know Then we all agreed that will be just fun... It turned out to be more than aim, shoot and sometimes run... The situation, In your position, i know, We're all together, This forever. Who knows? We say we're friends Do we pretend? I hope not... at least not me. We play the music For you to use it, So please don't go. Ref: But one thing's amazing We're all fucking crazy, We know that for sure, We love everybody, We never hate somebody We're good guys The time is running The same our money That's life We're getting old Some of us bald You can't help that... (You know you can't help it man) Some of us married Others are buried It's ok. One fact's for sure, Our kids will have this Song played.

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