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Vamps is the name of more than one artist 1) J-rock 2) techpara/eurobeat artist 1) VAMPS is a Japanese rock unit by HYDE (lead vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (guitarist of Oblivion Dust, hide with Spread Beaver and Spin Aqua). HYDE and K.A.Z have been working together since HYDE's third solo album FAITH, which was released in 2006. In early spring 2008, they announced the name-change for HYDE's solo project - and officially formed a band. One of the reasons being to give more credit to K.A.Z for his work. Thus VAMPS was born. 2008 » VAMPS released their first single LOVE ADDICT in July, featuring a B-side track TIME GOES BY. The band took major risks with the single, for the song is written entirely in English - they were worried it may not do well in Japan because it is not written in Japanese. However, despite all doubts and concerns, the single debuted at #2 on the Oricon charts. Not long after, they launched a nationwide, 3-month, Zepp exclusive tour with no less than 46 shows. 2009 » Following the completion of the first tour, a DVD of the concerts was released in February. Their second single I GOTTA KICK START NOW, released in March, features a cover version of TROUBLE. They're aiming even higher with their third single EVANESCENT, due to release on May 13th, as this single will feature their cover of Life On Mars?. Another tour is planned for the following summer, and in addition to the usual Zepp livehouse shows, they're also playing concerts around the U.S.A. and wrapping it all up with arena concerts in Japan. Their first album is due to release on June 10th, during the tour. They released their 4th single and their last from their debut album, Sweet Dreams on September 30th 2010 » VAMPS received the 'Billboard Japan Ranking International 2009' award on January 31st which was followed by the release of the DVD Vamps Live 2009 U.S.A. on March 17th. They released a single Devil Side, the first single off of their new album and then their sixth single Angel Trip was released on June 9th. Their second album BEAST was released on July 28th. In the fall of 2010 VAMPS went on their first-ever world tour, they visited Taiwan, United States, Spain, France, China and Chile. They released the MVs for Piano Duet and Memories in early December. Official sites: | Vamprose | MySpace 2) VAMPS is also a techpara/eurobeat artist, popular for songs Super Storm and Vampire. Not to be confused with The Vamps!

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