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Van Canto is an a cappella metal band from Germany formed in 2006. It is comprised of five singers and a drummer. In 2006, the band released its debut album, A Storm To Come, through General Schallplatten. It features seven original tracks, as well as cover versions of Metallica's Battery and Stora Rövardansen from the movie Ronja Rövardotter. In 2008 the band released its second album, Hero which got re-released once in 2008 and then again in 2010. That latter features 10 tracks and was distributed through GUN Records. In 2010 the band changed its record label to Napalm Records and then released their third album, Tribe of Force which features a total of 13 tracks. In 2011, they released their fourth, Break The Silence which features 13 tracks including 3 bonus tracks. Break The Silence was also released trough Napalm Records. In 2014 they released their 5th studio album, Dawn of the Brave which features 13 tracks. There is a very special Earbook-Edition, a 30x30 cm book with Bonus-CD and a DVD of the Wacken Gig 2011, available exclusively from their label Napalm Records. Current members: Philip Dennis Schunke - lead male vocal Inga Scharf - lead female vocal Stefan Schmidt - lower "rakkatakka" vocals and "wahwah solo guitar" vocals Ross Thompson - higher "rakkatakka" vocals Ingo Sterzinger - lowest "dandan" voice chords Bastian Emig - drums Former member: Dennis Strillinger - drums

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