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Norwegian DJ / Producer & Radiohost. He founded the only 24/7 running EDM (Trance & House) radiostation in Norway in 2007, RadioVolum. Van Dresen has worked with music for many years, but started to produce serious from 2006. His first track was released 04.06.2008 on the Norwegian label: Carambole Records. It was a club remix of an norwegian pop/rock tune that he did with Phonk & House. In June 2008 he teamed up with his friends Sied van Riel, Dimitri de Wit and Therese Hammergren and started the Simadith Project who released their first track 'Dirty Volum' on Black Hole Recordings, named after the sucessfull party held in Oslo the 18th of October 2008. In 2009 Marius went solo under the alias: Van Dresen and the first track up was Back To Start released on Agenda Music the 17'th of July 2009. 'Back To Start' managed to hit 2'nd place at iTunes (Electronic genre) at only 3 days after the release and at 2'nd place on the Norwegian (All Categorys) On friday the 17'th of July 2009 Van Dresen was the guest at Tiësto's radioshow 'Club Life' in '15 Minutes of Fame'. Club Life is broadcasted to millions of people world-wide, but the main radiostation is Radio538 in the Netherlands (National FM station) Van Dresen is the first and temporarily the only one from Norway to guest this show.

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