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Van Dressler, originally Łukasz Syguła, was born 28.06.1984. He is a Polish producer of a so called Emotional Trance mixed with symphonic elements, Epic and Uplifting Trance. He's been interested in music since starting High School in 1999 and since that time he was interested in Trance and different kinds of this style. He took his inspirations mainly from RPG games and movies. In the middle of 2006, along with his friend SubDe, he created a band called High Frequency. Together they created Commercial Trance and Hans Up tracks. The crew played together till the end of 2007. At the very beginning of 2008 Łukasz started his own solo career as Van Dressler. Since that time he has created a lot of great tracks which were a mixture of soundtrack essence and trance elements.

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