Vanquish top 20 songs


Vanquish biography

There are two artists with this name. 1/ Vanquish – four very special girls, one very special sound. Bee, Holly, Lizzy, Rianna – four independent spirits who make the world a brighter, more fun place to be in. The music? It’s Pop-Tech 2012. Pure and Simple. Perfect pop songs that you’ll want to sing along to, dance along to, enjoy and celebrate. Most of all, they’ll make you feel good. They’re the songs that’ll fill the dance floor and fill your head and make you smile. How do you describe the music? Easy, one word – Vanquish! 2/ Vanquish was formed in August of 2001; the band set out with a passion for heavy metal music, with influences ranging from contemporaries such as Metallica and Dream Theater to classic Pink Floyd. In July 2002, Vanquish began playing shows locally and regionally and quickly began developing and entertaining a loyal fan base. With the demand for their music growing, Vanquish started recording their first album, Nine Deadly Sins, at Cue Recording STUDIOS in Falls Church, VA in early 2003. This album, Nine Deadly Sins, was released in September 2006. Stay tuned, as pre-production will be beginning on their next album later this month.

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