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Vegomatic were officially born in 2000, marked by the Maxi-CD "Uluwatu". Drawing their inspiration from surf music, 80's electro, rock and pop music from the 60’s/70’s, the group has shaped its style since 1998. In 2003 Vegomatic released the concept album THE SURFIN ROBOTS "Cowabungiga" and then in 2004 "Surfin, Robots And The Correct Use of Rock and Roll" with a pop video for "French Up Song" (with singer Shendyl Movedo )... During this period Vegomatic started working in the world of Haute Couture and Design following a chance encounter with the Italian designer Maurizio Galante. Releasing a limited edition CD compilation of their compositions for the Haute Couture fashion designer (Vegomatic + Maurizio Galante, 2004) and a CD of 70 mns of variations around a common theme of the design exhibition Continuous Connection in New York in 2001 ( "Theme For Continuous Connection"). In 2003, Muriel and Jean-Michel Illouz Hague left the group to focus on their respective family lives. In 2004, Macha Kouznetsova, joined the band to play the synthesizer and electronic effects and to sing along with Thierry Los. The pair found themselves continuing in the footsteps of the most famous French duos (close to Hardy-Dutronc and not unlike Bourvil-Maillant). The line up still included Gérard Gacoin (the original drummer) and Thierry’s brother Eric Los on bass. Eric had originally been the drummer in Thierry’s first band DODGE VEG-O-MATIC (taken from the title of a song by Jonathan Richman) along with Muriel Illouz but that’s history. The next album could only be compared to the idea that “Acid drops may be sweet for some but sour for others ! It is a retro-futuristic alchemy which can sometimes come across as being shocking but that is what this album was all about. "Ca c’est Vegomatic" was released in May 2006, and was distributed by Productions Speciales, (now sadly defunct distribution company). Wanting to be more brutal by capturing the essence of their live performances, the album contains "Action" which was originaly the music that Thierry Los composed for HUGO BOSS Energise world wideTV advs. Same for “Bleuroserougejaune” for LACOSTE Special Edition box Perfumes… The Warholesque video for Quelque Chose was broadcast on all french cable music channels at that period. Four visits to Russia ensued, then a distribution agreement was signed with Soyuz, (the largest independent Russian label between the years 2006 and 2008). Soyuz have been distributing the last two albums ever since. Macha has since returned to her beloved studies and consequently moved to Moscow where she now pursues her acting... During the past three years, Thierry Los has done a lot of things... In 2007 he signed to a major with an electro-disco track under the pseudonym MONTLERY ! In 2008 he re-surfaced with THE BZZ, a punk garage duo with old friend Emmanuel Berthe, playing 20 minute sets of primal energy with songs lasting between 15 seconds and 1 minute. He also clowned around that same year when he starred alongside Vodka Poulens in the crazy web music series : ROCK VOISINS directed by Carla Andipatin. GAUCHE GUITAR and LINE ET PILOU are fictitious bands put together for the occasion whose songs will be digitaly released soon. Eric Los is still working as music composer in the video games industry and Gérard Gacoin used to play his drum set with TETARD and PONY EXPRESS. The solo album of MACHA, "Alone In The City", produced by Thierry Los is the result of their work between 2007 and 2011. Realeased in early 2012 as CD digipack in Russia, 5 songs are downloadable on legal platforms on 1st EP "Watch Me Baba Yaga "(Jan 16th) and a video-clip directed by Mikhail Lockshins is on youtube. "AUTO STOP” , third Vegomatic official album but also a web serie co-directed by the visual artist photographer Severine L and Thierry Los will be released in February 2012. Thierry Los is currently working with the English soul man MYLES SANKO, based in Cambridge and he is already working on the next Vegomatic album.

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