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Vicky biography

There are three artists with this name: 1) Vicky is an Icelandic rock band. The band unlike most rock bands is lined up with 4 girls and only 1 boy. Vicky has gotten a lot of attention in Iceland and it will be interesting to see what the future brings. They where previously named Vicky Pollard but changed it to Vicky before releasing their first album. 2) Vicky is a Hairless Freak, a Nerd with a nice musical Taste as you can hear at his debut "Die Vicky Band". He is an solo musician and combines Kabarett with Experimental Music. Vicky is also a Freak with Hair, but also nice musical taste from Lucerne, Switzerland. You might be listening to her sound while you walk lucernes streets where she often lets flying her tunes. Funny thing is, that she (as written in the description of the "other" Vicky page up) also combines Kabarett With Experimental Music. 3) Vicky is Viktoria Flodström and Henrik Andersson; a pop duo from Malmö, Sweden.

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