Villa top 20 songs


Villa biography With almost ten years of DJ experience behind them, Fredo & Thang step up their game. First there was the Gameplay edit of Beirut’s indie gem Nantes – cooked up as a secret weapon but soon receiving kudos from major players such as Laurent Garnier, Dixon and Tim Sweeney. Soon after, a hook up with vintage synth collector Seba, resulted in the birth of Villa. The well seasoned composer/producer resides in his cosy farmhouse, surrounded by a collection of rare musical toys – a perfect setting for this new musical venture. Let's make this sure, this man has walked the line in terms of styles and productions and is working on some very promising stuff. Their first joined effort: the ‘diva’ edits - a series of three re-rubs aptly named Anita, Tina and Agneta, which saw a digital release on Eskimo Recordings offshoot Mindless Boogie. Remixes for NYC hipster duo The Golden Filter, UK producer Ali Love and up-and-coming disco revivalists Music Go Music soon followed. Even the ever prolific Richard Melville Hall (you might know him as Moby..) enlisted their skills for honing tunes in a fresh and surprising direction!

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