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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Hardcore punksters Vision plug in old-school '70s punk and elements of metal for a thirsty, brash sound, and such a disposition has allowed the band to establish themselves in various pockets across the U.S. since the late '80s. They have captured their intensity on several EPs, album releases, and compilation contributions, and the band signed to Epitaph before the turn of the new millennium to release Watching the World Burn in March 2000. 2) Hailing from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, Vision were the brainchild of keyboard player Andy Beaumont. In 1982 Paul Statham temporarily joined Vision as guitarist at the bequest of vocalist Russell Bonnell, who was a friend of his from Nottingham. Paul appears on their debut single "Lucifer's Friend" which came out on the Sheffield based MVM label. It was a cult classic in clubs across Europe and soon established Vision as one to watch. However before long Paul headed back to the B-Movie ranks whilst Vision carried on with an ever-changing cast of musicians. They released numerous singles on the PRT imprint during the mid-eighties but disappeared at the end of that decade. 3) Vision was a Christian southern rock group that existed during the mid-80's. The band included two of the surviving original members of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Billy Powell (keyboards) and Leon Wilkeson (bass), who also played together in the Rossington Collins Band. One self-titled album was released in 1985, and the band toured for it by playing in 2,000+ seat churches. They split up when the surviving members decided to reform Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1987. 4) Swedish synthpop act. 5)also a japanese band VisioN sounds a good deal like the English band Queen, especially on their b-side to Love Seeker (Can't Stop It). Any other info on them would be much appreciated. 6) VISION is a female fronted rock band that has a sound inspired by the great classic rock bands with a touch of the modern rock mixed in. Having a female front the band gives a nice twist to the traditional feel. VISION prides themselves on thoughtful melodic lyrics layered over catchy guitar riffs. While VISION does have a unique underlying feel to their music, each song is a completely different “story” and you will find that no two songs “sound the same” (like a lot of other bands.) VISION is a Connecticut based group that was formed by the married couple of David (guitar) and Juliette “Jules” Vignola (vocals) in the summer of 2006. What started out as “just writing songs for fun” quickly grew into a full band. While looking for band members, they began to write songs that would eventually end up on "No Regrets", VISION’s first album. Once the band was assembled, they immediately went into the studio to record “No Regrets”, which was released on July 11th 2008. VISION has since hit the road playing clubs through out Connecticut, building a strong fan base. If you have not experienced VISION up close and personal you should get out and see them live. They have a very visually exciting show that works perfect with the guitar riff style music. The current lineup includes Joe Johnston on keyboards & guitar, Diane Calano on drums, Jeff Miles on bass, Jules Vignola on vocals and Dave Vignola on lead guitar.

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